Who we are

We are dedicated, diligent and dauntless

During our short span of time in the software development industry, we have already proved ourselves adept at handling critical projects which require superior expertise. The highly enthusiastic specialists of our team put in their knowledge and hard work on a daily basis to build your ambitious product by implementing efficient agile development principles. We maintain a positive mindset to greet each challenge with a smile and resolve it to obtain the best possible outcome.

How we do

Repeatable Workflow

Research & Planning

We carry out intensive research on the specific industry to understand your user needs and possible roadblocks along the way. Depending on the common resulting patterns and the client’s brand image, we outline a practical, detailed and tailored sitemap before getting into the prototyping phase.

Architecture & Mockup

Based on the carefully structured plan, we prepare a fitting architectural model to showcase the effective communication flow between client and server components. This is followed by an instance of the product’s real-life simulation through mockups which enables both the parties to test its performance level.

Develop & Deploy

After finalizing the features and design elements, we dive into the development phase to materialize each requirement. This process advances step by step to ensure seamless interaction between all components. The product then goes through numerous tests and is deployed only when it is free from every probable risk.

In-depth research and requirement analysis

Each company carries a unique identity and has equally distinctive requirements to establish a fitting image online. This involves their particular color palettes, design preferences and brand guidelines. We combine such factors after analyzing their brand message and tonality with audience to plan our next steps.

Strong project architecture

We then build a strong architecture tailored to this specific application for making it easily scalable, highly available and unquestionably secure. Such an infrastructure can assure proper workflow among major software components including middleware systems and databases.

Distributed development with agile

Our team believes in the scrum framework where the complex and time-consuming task of software development is divided into multiple short-lived cycles named sprints. We rely on sprint planning to set individual tasks, daily standups to get regular progress updates and sprint review to evaluate the team’s overall performance.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery

We follow the ideology of DevOps culture which strongly advocates automation in every step to accelerate development and deduct redundancy. A single CI server monitors the system for revised updates and a daily automated build verifies each integration to keep it free of errors.